The management and implementation of the scholarship has been entrusted to the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) on behalf of FIFA. Before completing this application form, please ensure that you have carefully read and understood the Regulations of the Scholarship.

Please be aware that the application form is crucial for the scholarship request. It must therefore be filled out carefully and be completed with the requested supporting documentation. In particular, the “Research Project” (see Art. 4.1 of the Regulations) is a crucial document which is part of the supporting documentation, as it should convince the Selection Committee of the relevance and quality of the Research Project.

It is mandatory that the request for a scholarship grant is submitted to CIES using this application form. Any other means of submission will not be considered as valid. CIES will not accept any application information filled out manually, but only in electronic format using this form.

Important notes about completing this form

If you have any questions concerning the use of the application form or any enquiries concerning the Regulations, please contact us under the following E-mail address: FIFA.researchscholarship@cies.ch.

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